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Roland Walter Dutton (village number: 42) was a former colleague of Number 6 interned alongside him in The Village. The character appears in the eighth episode ("Dance of the Dead") of the the 1967-68 British television series The Prisoner and was portrayed by Australian actor Alan White.


The scientist Number 40 attempts to extract information from Number 6 by having his former colleague Roland Walter Dutton (now Number 42) call him while he is under a sort of electronic hypnosis. Number 6 resists and is suspicious of what is happening; Number 2 orders the plan to be abandoned. Later, as Number 6 attempts to float a corpse he has discovered out to sea (complete with an SOS message), he meets Dutton, who has been broken. Remembering his acquaintance with him, Number 6 addresses him by name. Dutton says he has told his captors all he knows, but they believe he is withholding further secrets, and they will soon be employing harsher methods to extract the information from him.

At the subsequent costumed ball, Number 6 leaves the party to investigate and finds out that Dutton is to be executed. The soiree ends, however, in a kangaroo court with Number 6 on trial for the possession of a radio. Number 6 asks for Roland Walter Dutton to be called as a character witness. When Dutton is produced he is dressed in a jester's costume and is clearly a mindless simpleton.