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Number 58 (later Number 2) was the title of the a 'maid' assigned to Number 6 and in reality a high-ranking member of The Village who would later assume the position of chief administrator. The character appeared in the 1967-68 British television series The Prisoner, in the fourth episode "Free for All" and was portrayed by British actress Rachel Herbert.


When Number 6 is persuaded to run for election to the post of Number 2, he is assigned Number 58 - a newly arrived young woman who only speaks an unidentified Slavic-sounding foreign language. After No. 6 wins the election he and Number 58 go to the Dome to take command of the Village. In No. 2's control room, she agitates him by playing with the buttons on the control panel before brutally slapping him and stunning him with bright lighting. As Number 6 becomes somewhat more lucid and attempts to broadcast to the Villagers that they are free to go, he is beaten by a group of mechanics in coveralls, and Number 58, now speaking perfect English, reveals herself as the real incoming Number 2, while the previous Number 2 prepares to head out. She asks her departing predecessor to give her regards to "the homeland".