Number 240 was the title of Number 6's observer in The Village. The character appears in the eighth episode ("Dance of the Dead") of the the 1967-68 British television series The Prisoner and was portrayed by actress Norma West.


During a meeting with Number 2, she suggests that Number 6 ought to get a girlfriend; he tries talking to his Observer, Number 240. He learns that a mysterious Carnival is to be held in the Village.

The Carnival becomes a costumed ball and dance in which everyone has an elaborate identity except Number 6, who is simply given his own dinner jacket. The soiree ends, however, in a kangaroo court with Number 6 on trial for the possession of a radio. After arguments for the prosecution (by Number 240) and defense (by Number Two), Number Six asks for former colleague Roland Walter Dutton to be called as a character witness. When Dutton is produced he is dressed in a jester's costume and is clearly a mindless simpleton. The trial ends with Number Six being sentenced to death.


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