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Number 2 was the title of the chief administrator[1] of The Village in the 1967-68 British television series The Prisoner. In the first episode "Arrival" the character was portrayed by British actor Guy Doleman.

More than 17 different actors appeared as holders of the office (all using the same alias) during the 17-episode series (some episodes featured more than one "Number Two", most notably "It's Your Funeral" which featured two Number Twos in major roles and images of two others).

In one episode (Free For All) it appears as if the post of chief administrator is appointed by an election in the Village. This procedure is not mentioned either before or after this episode.

Title Number 2 performed by
"The Chimes of Big Ben" Leo McKern
"A. B. and C." Colin Gordon
"Free For All"
"The Schizoid Man" Anton Rodgers
"The General" Colin Gordon
"Many Happy Returns" Georgina Cookson
"Dance of the Dead" Mary Morris
"Checkmate" Peter Wyngarde
"Hammer into Anvil" Patrick Cargill
"It's Your Funeral"
"A Change of Mind" John Sharp
"Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling" Clifford Evans
"Living in Harmony" David Bauer
"The Girl Who Was Death" Kenneth Griffith
"Once upon a Time" Leo McKern
"Fall Out" Leo McKern