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Fotheringay was a British government official and former superior of Number 6 prior to his resignation. The character appears in the second episode ("The Chimes of Big Ben") of the the 1967-68 British television series The Prisoner and was portrayed by English actor Richard Wattis.


After escaping the Village in packing crates with fellow inmate Nadia Rakowski (Number 8), Number 6 ends up in his old London office and meets his former superiors - Fotheringay and Colonel J. When they suspect him of being a double agent, Number 6 agrees to tell them why he resigned if Nadia is given protection. However, as he is about to talk, Number 6 hears the familiar chimes of Big Ben. He looks at his watch and finds that it shows the same time — not the one hour's difference of the time in Poland. Realising that he has been tricked, he begins a search of the office and discovers a tape recorder recreating the background sounds of London. He exits the building, finding himself back in The Village, with Nadia and Fotheringay standing with Number 2 — thus revealing their betrayal and involvement with The Village. Number 2 tells Fotheringay to return to London before any embarrassing questions are asked. Asking Number 2 what his next assignment is to be, Fotheringay is told to await further orders from the Colonel.


Actor Richard Wattis had previously played the role of agent John Drake's British superior in Patrick McGoohan's previous spy series Danger Man.