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Episode orders
  • Prod: The studio production order.[1]
  • ITC: "Official" ITC sequence. This is the sequence in which the episodes were originally scheduled to be broadcast in the UK, and—aside from the exclusion of "Living in Harmony" there—the sequence in which they were originally aired in the USA.
  • KTEH: Arranged by Scott Apel for KTEH channel 54 (PBS affiliate in San Jose, California)
  • 6 of 1: Endorsed by Six of One, The Prisoner Appreciation Society, and used in the A&E DVDs.[2] The UK Sci Fi Channel marathon used a similar order, but with "Dance of the Dead" preceding "Free for All", and "The General" preceding "A. B. and C.".
  • AV Club: After viewing in the KTEH order, the personal arrangement of Zack Handlen of the website The A.V. Club.[3]
Title Original UK airdate[4] Number Two played by Prod ITC KTEH 6of1 AVC
"Arrival" 29 September 1967 Guy Doleman
George Baker
1 1 1 1 1
After waking up in the Village and discovering his captivity there, Number Six encounters a friend from the outside who may have a possible escape.
"The Chimes of Big Ben" 6 October 1967 Leo McKern 5 2 4 5 5
A new prisoner, Nadia, may have information about the Village that makes an escape attempt possible.
"A. B. and C." 13 October 1967 Colin Gordon 11 3 9 6 8
A desperate Number Two tampers with Number Six's dreams to discover where his loyalties lie.
"Free for All" 20 October 1967 Eric Portman
Rachel Herbert
Patrick McGoohan
2 4 5 2 3
Presented with the opportunity, Number Six runs for election to the post of Number Two.
"The Schizoid Man" 27 October 1967 Anton Rodgers 7 5 7 8 6
Number Two replaces Number Six with a duplicate to weaken the real Six's sense of identity.
"The General" 3 November 1967 Colin Gordon 10 6 8 7 7
An important prisoner's new speed-teaching machine poses perhaps the greatest threat to Number Six's independence.
"Many Happy Returns" 10 November 1967 Georgina Cookson 13 7 6 9 10
After waking to find the Village deserted, Number Six returns to England but does not know whom he can trust there.
"Dance of the Dead" 17 November 1967 Mary Morris 4 8 2 3 2
Number Six tries to save an old friend who is headed for destruction at the hands of the Village.
"Checkmate" 24 November 1967 Peter Wyngarde 3 11 3 4 4
Number Six thinks he has a means to tell the prisoners from the wardens.
"Hammer into Anvil" 1 December 1967 Patrick Cargill 12 14 14 12 12
Number Six takes revenge on a sadistic Number Two for the death of another prisoner.
"It's Your Funeral" 8 December 1967 Derren Nesbitt
Andre Van Gyseghem
uncredited bearded male actor
uncredited female actress
8 10 11 10 9
To save the prisoner who is being set up to take the fall, Number Six must intervene in a Village power struggle and prevent the assassination of a Number Two.
"A Change of Mind" 15 December 1967 John Sharp 9 13 13 11 11
Number Two stirs the Village to ostracize Number Six, and then takes even more drastic measures to cure Six's "unmutuality".
"Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling" 22 December 1967 Clifford Evans 14 9 12 13 14
Deprived of his memory and placed in another man's body, Number Six travels back to England to seek a missing scientist. Nigel Stock portrays Six for most of this episode.
"Living in Harmony" 29 December 1967 David Bauer 15 12 10 14 13
In an Old West setting, a lawman who resigned is trapped in a town called Harmony where the Judge wants him to be the new sheriff — by hook or by crook.
"The Girl Who Was Death" 18 January 1968 Kenneth Griffith 16 15 15 15 15
Number Six avoids the assassination attempts of a beautiful woman while foiling the plots of her megalomaniac father.
"Once upon a Time" 25 January 1968 Leo McKern 6 16 16 16 16
Number Two subjects Number Six to a desperate, last-ditch effort to subdue him, Degree Absolute — an ordeal that will not end until it breaks one of them.
"Fall Out" 1 February 1968 Leo McKern 17 17 17 17 17
Number Six encounters the forces behind the Village, but can he finally escape?
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