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Colonel J. was a British government official and former superior of Number 6 prior to his resignation. The character appears in the second episode ("The Chimes of Big Ben") of the the 1967-68 British television series The Prisoner and was portrayed by English actor Kevin Stoney.


After escaping the Village in packing crates with fellow inmate Nadia Rakowski (Number 8), Number 6 ends up in his old London office and meets his former superiors - Colonel J. and Fotheringay. When the Colonel suspect him of being a double agent for the Soviet Union, Number 6 agrees to tell them why he resigned if Nadia is given protection. However, as he is about to talk, Number 6 hears the familiar chimes of Big Ben. He looks at his watch and finds that it shows the same time — not the one hour's difference of the time in Poland. Realising that he has been tricked, he begins a search of the office and discovers a tape recorder recreating the background sounds of London. He exits the building, finding himself back in The Village, with Nadia and Fotheringay standing with Number 2 — thus revealing their betrayal and involvement with The Village.