The Prisoner (2009 online comic)

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As the Air, Invulnerable was Book 1 of an online graphic novel designed to tie-in with the end of the 2009 television miniseries The Prisoner. Ten chapters were published episodically on AMC's website, the first issue was released in November 2009 and was written by M. Scott Veach and drawn by Mitch Breitweiser.

Book 2 was never released.

Publisher's summary

The Village is a mysterious town where people have numbers instead of names. Under the leadership of a man known simply as Two, its citizens lead idyllic lives while remaining completely unaware of the outside world.

Viewers of AMC's The Prisoner learned something truly strange about the Village and its relationship to the real world. The Village was actually created out of the unconscious minds of its inhabitants. It's a shared experience, a group dream. Everyone in The Village lives two lives. Their conscious selves dwell in the real world, while their unconscious selves live in The Village. The Villagers know nothing about their own double lives -- with some exceptions.

Scientists in a corporation named Summakor designed the Village to treat patients with severe psychological dysfunctions. The leader of the town, Two, and his wife M2 were scientists at Summakor. They thought they could heal sick people by placing their unconscious selves in a positive dream environment.

Our story in this graphic novel takes place after the events of the AMC on-air series. The original Two has abandoned his post. A new Two and M2 have taken over, continuing Summakor's experiments with The Village.


The fine line separating reality from fantasy is blurred in AMC’s online graphic novel, The Prisoner. In this psychological thriller, a woman named Rebecca Meadows endeavors to free her schizophrenic sister from The Village, a chemical-induced fantasy world constructed by the massive corporation Summakor to imprison people with psychological and mental disorders. She seeks out Leo, a former patient of Summakor, and uses his help to detangle the complex web of reality and fantasy and discover just how deep the rabbit hole goes.




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