6 (Jim Caviezel)

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"Six" portrayed by Jim Caviezel

Six is the main protagonist of The Prisoner. Much of his life before arriving at the Village is unknown.


According to him, he lived in "New York" where he was some sort of "social analyst", working for a company called SimCo analyzing CCTV footage from around the world, looking for patterns in human behaviour. After resigning from his job he went to a bar or cafe, where an unknown woman asked to borrow Six's mobile telephone, as hers had been stolen. Six invites her back to his apartment to drink with him. He tells her about his resignation but discovers that she didn't really use his phone and already knew about his resignation because she works for SimCo. After Six threatens her she warns that he may have resigned but the company would always find him and his actions go beyond the company.


Six awoke near the Village with only distant memories of his "other" life and a drawing in his pocket of the statue of liberty in New York. He was soon found by 93 who tells him that escape is possible. Six blacks out and is taken to the village by 313, a local doctor.


Two introduces Six to his "brother", Sixteen. Six, however, is convinced that this man is not his brother because he has a vague memory of his brother drowning as a child. Sixteen later confesses that he is not related to Six, and both men seek to find the sea. Sixteen rushes in and is taken by a mysterious white orb.

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